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As a child I knew I wanted to work in the field of medicine. I used to love the smell and buzz of hospitals. My first experience of physiotherapy was as a child when I broke my elbow. This reinforced my passion for working as a physiotherapist.

After qualifying in 1994 I went to the John Radcliffe in Oxford. This is a large teaching hospital where I gained immense experience and it was there that ignited my enthusiasm in orthopaedics. During my time in Oxford I also worked in the private sector, worked with the Oxford Blues rugby teamed organised pre race exercises regimes for the BT Global yacht race. I have been fortunate enough to be on the finishing line in a professional capacity at the London marathon.


My enthusiasm for physiotherapy is still as strong as when I first started and the variability of rehabilitating a joint replacement to a ultra runner to general spinal aches and pains keeps my job really interesting. I currently enjoy treating ultra runners and the challenges they present

  • BSc (Hons) Chartered physiotherapist - Wolverhampton School of Physiotherapy

Working in most areas of the NHS gave me the opportunity to watch a lot of orthopaedic surgery helping my understanding of what a patient is going through. This experience and knowledge has strengthened my role as a physiotherapist in the private sector

  • MSc Sports medicine and rehabilitation - Bristol 2001

The masters was an intense and stimulating experience to and has changed my professional practice for the benefits of my patients

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